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Supported Recipes

Does Voicipe support recipes from any website?
Voicipe supports thousands of recipes across hundreds of popular recipe websites.
Chances are, your favorite recipe website IS supported. Check out our How to use page

How many recipes does Voicipe have?
Voicipe doesn’t create or publish its own recipes, instead Voicipe voice-enables other recipe provider’s recipes. For example, AllRecipes has tens of thousands of recipes on their platform and, because Voicipe supports AllRecipes, all of the recipes on AllRecipes are supported.

Can I upload or import my own recipe(s)?
Voicipe does not support uploading custom recipes currently.

Does Voicipe support diet-specific or food restrictions?
Many specialty diet and food restriction recipe providers are supported by Voicipe.
Example: Recipe providers Nut Free Wok (peanut-free recipes) and Forks Over Knives (popular vegan recipe provider), among many others are supported.


How do I load a recipe?
View our How to use page for steps and an example video.

Is Voicipe easy to use?
Yes. Voicipe was built with a focus on providing an easy and natural cooking experience, just like having a friend read the recipe to you, so you can focus on prepping and cooking.

Can I go back to a previous step, or repeat current step if I forgot?
Yes. Simply say “Go back” or “Repeat that”.  View the supported voice commands to see what else Voicipe supports.

Will my phone’s screen lock or turn-off while using Voicipe?
No. This was one of our personal pet peeves while cooking, so once you press “Voice-enable,” as long as you remain in the Voicipe app, your phone will not lock or turn-off.

What languages does Voicipe support?
We only support English right now and have not tested other languages yet.  Interested in helping test another language? Contact us: hello@voicipe.com

Can I ask Voicipe how much of an ingredient?
Yes. Once you press “Voice-enable” you can ask “How much [ingredient]” and Voicipe will respond with the quantity for that ingredient.

Does Voicipe support metric measurements?
Yes, if the recipe provider uses metric units, then Voicipe will be able to read these units to you.

Does Voicipe support timers?
Yes. Simply say “Start Step # timer” when you are ready and Voicipe will automatically start a hands-free timer.

Can Voicipe support multiple timers?
Yes. Voicipe allows multiple timers to run at the same time.  You can pause, stop and resume timers easily.

Can Voicipe do measurement conversions?
Not yet. Soon we will have a “measurement conversion waitlist” for you to be notified when this feature is added to the Voicipe app.

Can Voicipe change serving sizes?
Not yet. Soon we will have a “serving size waitlist” for you to be notified when this feature is added to the Voicipe app.


What permissions does Voicipe need?
Voicipe only needs access to your microphone (to perform voice recognition) and access to your phone’s storage (to save recipes locally).

What data does Voicipe gather about me?
Voicipe tracks general usage information to help us with identifying trends, improve application design and user experience, fixing bugs, and for providing content that is of interest to you from our recipe providers and affiliates.

Is Voicipe always listening?
No.  Voicipe’s voice recognition is only activated after you press “Voice-enable” and for the duration of that cooking session.  When you exit the Voicipe app, Voicipe stops listening.

Does Voicipe record my conversations?
No.  Voicipe does not record or save any conversations.  Voicipe only listens for pre-defined voice commands, and then performs the requested action when detected.

Does Voicipe save my voice information?
No.  Voicipe does not save any vocal signatures or information.


Does Voicipe cost anything?
Voicipe is free to download and use. Download Voicipe in GooglePlay

iPhone support

When will Voicipe be available for iPhone?
A lot of people have been asking about and demanding Voicipe for iPhone.  Join our iOS Waitlist to be notified when Voicipe is built and released to iOS.

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