How to use

Voice-enable recipes and cook hands-free

Download Voicipe for free and start cooking hands free. Take a look at the video to see how easy it is to use.


1) Search for recipes

From within Voicipe, you can search Google for your desired recipe.

2) Select a recipe website

Browse the search results to find a desired recipe. The “Recipe Not Found” message will display until you select a recipe page with directions and ingredients that are Voicipe-friendly.

3) Press “Load Recipe”

When the recipe page loads, if Voicipe supports this recipe, the “Load Recipe” button will appear. If not, “No Recipe Found” will appear.

Browse the page and read through the recipe backstory. When ready, press Load Recipe to view only the ingredients and directions in an easy to follow format.

4) Press “Voice-enable” to begin

When you’re ready to activate the text to speech and voice recognition, press the Voice-enable¬†button.

Supported Voice Commands

After you press Voice-enable, you can use any of these supported voice commands to navigate the recipe.

Try Voicipe

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